Lighthouse Biotech provides research centers and pharmaceutical companies with single, viable circulating tumor cells for cutting-edge analysis and the development of precision medicine.

Lighthouse Biotech introduces a laboratory tool to the market based on a patented, innovative, and sustainable method that performs a liquid biopsy: it isolates hypermetabolic CTCs as single, live, unmarked cells for the most advanced applications in cancer research.

Thanks to the combination of micro-fabrication technologies and precision optics, the solution developed by Lighthouse Biotech allows for the recognition and isolation of the rare CTCs present in the blood, regardless of their appearance and phenotype, in a tumor-agnostic approach.
Lighthouse technology enables all possible cellular analyses and applications:


single-cell sequencing

cell cultures, animal models

drug screening and storage in biobanks

The CTCs provided are of the highest quality because the metabolic measurement is carried out on the droplet and does not involve the cell, which remains alive, active, and unaltered:
  • the cell’s biological processes remain unaltered
  • DNA and RNA are not fragmented but intact
  • artifacts caused by labeling and fixation are avoided.



The time to obtain single CTCs through metabolic analysis is significantly reduced compared
to other liquid biopsy techniques.


The system allows the recognition of CTCs, regardless of their appearance and phenotype, in a tumora agnostic approach.


Automated analysis excludes the subjective interpretation of the operator, ensuring the impartiality of the obtained data.


The simplicity of the system allows for the highest quality at sustainable costs.


Current liquid biopsy methods are based on other measurement criteria, all affected by various limitations:

  • They are subject to human error. They require the interpretation of images by the operator, compromising the impartiality of the analysis.
  • They require long, complex, and costly procedures for the isolation of single cells.
  • In the process of isolating the single tumor cell, they compromise its integrity, influencing
    subsequent investigations and preventing culture because cells are no longer viable.
  • They use biological reagents (i.e.: antibodies) with variable performance and significant cost.
  • They need a priori knowledge on tumor antigens
  • The poor specificity of some criteria (e.g.: size) does not allow the isolation of single tumor cells.

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