Understanding cancer paves the way for its cure.

Lighthouse Biotech was founded in response to the need to provide oncological and pharmaceutical research easy access to cancer cells at any stage of the disease, to enable cutting-edge analysis with the goal of developing precision medicine.

With its system, Lighthouse Biotech offers pure, intact, viable, and individually isolated cancer cells at favorable times and costs compared to other systems, providing the best possible starting base for next-generation applications and investigations.



The combination of expertise in Medicine, Biology, Physics, and Engineering has made possible the development of a cutting-edge liquid biopsy system capable of accelerating the advancement of precision medicine.


The long-term goal of Lighthouse Biotech is to contribute to bringing the right drug to the right patient at the right time.

Competitive Advantage

Top quality of biological material

Top quality of biological material: The extracted cells are pure, viable, unaltered, and
individually isolated.

High efficiency

High efficiency: Automated system, with a significant reduction in time and costs

Exclusive data on the metabolism of cancer cells

Exclusive data on the metabolism of cancer cells: An indicator of their aggressiveness.


Impartiality: Results not subject to human error of interpretation

Value Proposition

To deliver the entire heritage of information from circulating tumor cells (CTCs), isolated
through liquid biopsy, at any moment, at sustainable costs.

To detect metabolically active CTCs

To individually isolate live CTCs

For unprecedented data

To empower research

lighthouse biotech
A common blood draw is performed on the patient.

Each cell is encapsulated in a micro-droplet.

The cells are incubated to allow them to metabolize.
An optical system measures the pH of the droplets IDENTIFIES AND ISOLATES the acidic
ones (tumoral).
The tumor cells that come out are single, viable, and unmarked.
The cells can be analyzed individually or used in culture and animal models.

Our Difference

Isolating single and viable CTCs at sustainable costs.

Our solution allows for the acquisition of updated and complete information at any stage of the disease, with unprecedented competitive advantages for oncological research and the development of targeted and effective treatments.

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