A Method for Detecting Circulating Tumor Cells Based on the Measurement of Single-Cell Metabolism in Droplet-Based Microfluidics

Dr. Fabio Del Ben, Dr. Matteo Turetta, Giorgia Celetti, Dr. Aigars Piruska, Michela Bulfoni, Daniela Cesselli, Prof. Wilhelm T. S. Huck, Prof. Giacinto Scoles

Microfluidic droplets content classification and analysis through convolutional neural networks in a liquid biopsy workflow

Gabriele Soldati, Fabio Del Ben, Giulia Brisotto, Eva Biscontin, Michela Bulfoni, Aigars Piruska, Agostino Steffan, Matteo Turetta and Vincenzo Della Mea

Dysmetabolic Circulating Tumor Cells Are Prognostic in Metastatic Breast Cancer

by Giulia Brisotto, Eva Biscontin. Elisabetta Rossi, Michela Bulfoni, Aigars Piruska, Simon Spazzapan, Cristina Poggiana, Riccardo Vidotto, Agostino Steffan, Alfonso Colombatti, Wilhelm T. S. Huck, Daniela Cesselli, Rita Zamarchi, Matteo Turetta and Fabio Del Ben

Clinical relevance of the combined analysis of circulating tumor cells and anti-tumor T-cell immunity in metastatic breast cancer patients.

Muraro E, Del Ben F, Turetta M, et al. Front Oncol. 2022;12:983887. Published 2022 Aug 23. doi:10.3389/fonc.2022.983887
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