We are specialists determined to bring a radical change to the clinical management of cancer with the introduction of an innovative laboratory tool capable of enhancing clinical research and promoting precision medicine.

Lighthouse Biotech provides pure, viable, and metabolically active tumor cells at any stage of the disease with advantageous timing and costs. In this way, it overcomes the limits of current liquid biopsy by enabling cutting-edge analysis in cancer research.

We strongly believe that minimally invasive diagnostics are the elective method to understand cancer, identify treatment, and improve the patient’s quality of life.


To enable clear identification, at any stage of cancer disease, of the best therapeutic choice for each patient.


To promote and make sustainable innovative, minimally invasive diagnostics based on liquid biopsy.


To make the large-scale isolation of CTCs sustainable for research centers, oncology clinics, and pharmaceutical companies, on which to perform cutting-edge analysis to more rapidly
highlight the clinical utility of liquid biopsy, accelerate the development of precision medicine, and the transition to routine clinical practice.

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